World Series 2011

so in this world series, daddy was going for texas and ella was going for st louis. while watching game 7 ella said “lets go cardinals” so daddy said “go home ella” quickly and in a mature voice she said “your teams gonna go home” . we all couldnt help but laugh, daddy’ got told’ by a 5 year old lol

Bad Dreams

On Tuesday is was Michaels Birthday. I went into his room to wake him up and Sing ‘Happy Birthday’. He interuppted my singing and said ” Mama, I had the most horrible dream”. So when i asked him what he replied ” I had to go to School…………..Twice a day”.

Eye Balls!

today while we were at the grocery store, addies freaked out and said ” what is that, eyeballs in a jar?” i guess he’s not going to be a lover of olives.


Last Week we went for Ice Cream in Sedona, Az. Its such a beautiful place so i said ” When i get married, i would like to get married in Sedona”. Addies quickly replied ” When you get married, will that make Daddy our Uncle”.


Last night when we were watching the ‘lightning’, my son Addies (Adam age 4) said “Mama, when is lightning gonna go to bed” he really believed that it was ‘Lightning Mcqueen’ the famous race car